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Dart pointing the scent cone of a quail. You can see the bird at the bottom of the picture. She does not see the bird. She is pointing the scent.

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Glenn's Valley Workouts

  • Field A is approximately 20 -25 acres.
  • A road runs through Field A to Field B.
  • On the west side of Field A is a cliff dropping down to a huge lake.
  • A pond separates Field A and Field B.
  • Field B is approximately 15 -20 acres.
  • Field B is totally fenced in with tree lines on the east and west sides.
  • A natural covey of quail resides in these fields. We have encountered the mostly near the pond in Field A.


Dart's pigeon coop will probably hold about 10 birds. Currently, six are residing.

The screen is for ventilation in the summer and for cleaning. We have two wood panels put up for the winter months.

The trap door is on the other side.




Meet the pigeons:

Home Boy

Home Boy is the only pigeon that looks as though he's come from the streets.

He's already been a successful father...before the age of one year.


Paint may be Home Boy's mate. She gets her name from the "brush strokes" of black on her chest.


Sarge gets his name from the sargent stripes on his tail. Sarge also has a beard under his chin.

Then again, Sarge could be Home Boy's mate.

  Ying & Yang look like an "off-matched" pair. Trade thier heads out and we'd have another "Home Boy" and a white speckled birds.  


Dart is at bird-dog-camp in Winnebago the home of Randy & Sue Boggs.

Dart's training-mobile. Randy's ATV is set-up for getting into the fields and running with the dogs. Dart's kennel is the one on the back right.


Randy and Dart at the break-a-way.

Dart (by the green machine), breaking away.

Sue (other dog) ran the other way.

Randy, styling-up Dart on point.

I get to work with Dart too.....once she has the behavior down, I get to see if she will do it with me too.

Don't we both point well?

Dart, backing Sue (not Sue Boggs). This is the hardest part of her training. Honoring the other dog's point is difficult for many dogs.


Bird-Dog-Camp is tough work.

At the end of the day, Dart relaxs on the couch with her sister, Quinn.

Can you tell which one is Dart?

She's on the right.



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